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IHSN Toolkit Arabic translation workshop (Tunis, June 24-25, 2009)

A regional group of Arabic users of the Toolkit met in Tunis to review and update the translated version of the Toolkit into Arabic. The workshop was hosted by the Institut National de la Statistique. The group included participants from: CAS in Lebanon, CAPMAS in Egypt, UNESCWA, INS Tunisia and PCBS in Palestine.

The group met for two full days and updated the Arabic interface of the Metadata Editor Version 1.1 and the IHSN templates to Version 1.5.

Tunisia remains one of the primary users of the Toolkit and is currently the focal point for reviewing and maintaining the Arabic version of the Toolkit.

Pictured here from left to right: Mr. Rafi Shrinian, UNESCWA;Ms. Alissar Nasser, CAS Lebanon, Mr. Hatem Sedghiani, INS-Tunisia

Screenshot with upgraded IHSN 1.5 Template in Arabic.