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Technical support (ADP)

The IHSN does not provide technical support. However, the team who coordinates the IHSN activities also coordinates the implementation of a related program, the Accelerated Data Program (ADP)

The ADP was launched to help countries improve their survey programs and increase the use and value of survey data. ADP provides technical and financial support to survey data documentation and dissemination, and to improve survey methods. Key outputs include the establishment of national survey databanks and establishment of national data collection standards to foster comparability of data across sources.

ADP is funded primarily by the World Bank Development Grant Facility, with additional financial support from the African Development Bank, United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), and others. Its activities involve many national, regional, and international agencies, and are coordinated jointly by the World Bank and the PARIS21 Secretariat.

For information on the support provided by the ADP and other information on the program, visit the ADP website.