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Mauritania joins ADP (first ADP mission to Nouakchott, 18-22 July 2010)

Thu, 07/29/2010

ADP activities and tools were presented to all agencies of the Mauritanian National Statistical System, including the ONS and sectorial units. All agencies confirmed their interest in participating in the ADP, starting with an IHSN Microdata Management Toolkit training to be held in Nouakchott in October 2010. An ADP support proposal is currently being drafted. Implementation will start immediately afterwards.

IHSN Toolkit training organized for sectoral statisticans in Niger (19-23 July 2010)

Tue, 07/27/2010

The Niger Institut National de la Statistique organized a 1 week IHSN toolkit training for the statical units in line ministries. This training is the first step of a system-wide effort to document and disseminate survey data.

INSTAT, Mali, is finalizing its microdata dissemination policy (28-29 June 2010)

Thu, 07/08/2010

A national workshop was organized in Bamako, Mali, 28-29 June 2010. More than 40 Participants from the Malian NSO (INSTAT), line ministries, international partners, university and civil society - discussed the draft microdata dissemination policy prepared by INSTAT. The policy materializes INSTAT commitment to make its microdata accessible and used, in line with the national legislation and its strategic plan.

Viet Nam GSO launches its NADA (5 July 2010)

Mon, 07/05/2010

The General Statistics Office (GSO) of Viet Nam presented its National Data Archives (NADA) to the public through a Launching Ceremony held at the GSO meeting room in Ha Noi, Viet Nam on 05 July 2010. The NADA contains the metadata of 25 surveys and censuses conducted by the GSO.

The Launch was led by Deputy General Director Nguyen Van Lieu who welcomed the guests coming from different ministries, from the UN agencies in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, and from some departments of GSO.

Lao PDR Department of Statistics launches its NADA (30 June 2010)

Wed, 06/30/2010

The Department of Statistics (DoS) of Lao PDR announced the availability of metadata of eight surveys in the NADA in a ceremony held in Vientiane City last 30 June 2010. More survey metadata will be uploaded in the coming weeks as documentation is in progress following the recent Quality Review Workshop held in Vang Vieng, Vientiane Province which boosted the capacity of DoS staff in the use of the Toolkit.