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Data deposit software

Agencies and organizations that manage data archives may receive data and metadata from multiple sources. It is important to organize these data deposits to:

  • Ensure that all necessary data and metadata are provided
  • Minimize the costs of receiving and documenting the datasets for publication
  • Maintain information on what is deposited, by whom, and when
  • Provide the person or agency who deposits the data with the opportunity to inform the data archive about access restrictions
  • Provide the depositor with a "receipt" indicating what has been deposited

The IHSN Data Deposit tool is DDI-compliant, open-source software which can be used as part of the NADA package or as a stand-alone tool. It will be useful to agencies that want to implement a simple, user-friendly, yet powerful and secure on-line system for acquiring datasets.

Project status: Open
Sponsor(s): World Bank Development Grant Facility, Grant No 4001011-06 administered by the PARIS21 Secretariat at OECD; DFID Trust Fund managed by the World Bank Data Group
Implemented by: World Bank, Development Data Group
Type of output: Open-source software application


The IHSN intends to release this application in March 2013.