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Survey planning, coordination and integration

Lack of resources, absence of clear national standards for data collection, high dependency on uncertain external funding, or conflicting priorities prevent many countries from developing and implementing a coherent survey program, But it is crucial that good survey planning, in the framework of a national statistical strategy, is established, The projects in this section document and formulate recommendations for the planning, coordination and integration of surveys and censuses programs.

IHSN survey planning projects include the production of guidelines or reports on:

  • Coordination of survey programs, i.e., the development of an international Code of Practice for Household Surveys.
  • Designing survey programs, i.e., the development of a national survey and census program with optimized timing and sequencing of surveys.
  • Budgeting household surveys.
  • Integration of statistical production, i.e., on the adoption of national standards for the design of survey and other data collection instruments (including standard questionnaire modules, standard concepts and classifications, etc.). A key objective of statistical integration is to increase the consistency (comparability) and reliability of data obtained across sources and over time.