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IHSN Toolkit training in Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, August 10–21, 2009)

Fri, 08/21/2009

Participants to the workshop included: 22 officials from the National Statistical Office (ONE) representing most of the micro-data production areas and six people from other statistical producers, including the Ministry of Education, Health, Finance and Planning. The ONE already has fully documented more than eight datasets.

More information on the workshop can be foud at the National Statistical Office Web Page:

Meeting on best practices in data archiving at CAPMAS, Egypt (Cairo, August 18-19, 2009)

Thu, 08/20/2009

A two-day introductory session in Best Practices in Data Documentation was held at CAPMAS in Cairo from Aug. 18-19. The session covered various aspects of data archiving including an overview of the Toolkit and the DDI. CAPMAS has requested a full blown data archiving workshop to be held in early December. It is hoped that CAPMAS will become an important partner in implementing the DDI and best practices in data archiving in the region.

NADA 2.0 released

Thu, 07/30/2009

The IHSN has released a new version of its survey cataloguing application. This open source software, compliant with the DDI and OAI international standards, is available at

IRSS launches a survey catalog (Burkina Faso, July 24, 2009)

Fri, 07/24/2009

A new survey catalog (NADA application) was set up at the Institut de Recherche en Science de la Santé (IRSS). The catalog is available at

The Institute is a semi-private organization associated with the Ministry of Health that conducts surveys and research in health related matters. The IRSS was an implementing partner in the Global Fund Evaluation.

This activity was implemented in collaboration with the Global Fund Evaluation and the Accelerated data Program.

Ghana first country to upgrade to NADA 2.0 survey catalog (July 19-21, 2009)

Tue, 07/21/2009

The Ghana Statistical Service was trained in the installation of the new NADA upgrade (version 2.0). See the new catalog at

GSS was the first agency to upgrade to NADA 2.0 and is now a key regional partner in supporting the technology. Also present at the training was a representative of the IRSS from Burkina Faso.