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IHSN Toolkit training in Bhutan (Paro, August 30-September 4, 2009)

A Microdata Management Toolkit Training was held in Paro, Bhutan from Aug. 20-Sept. 4. The Toolkit was hosted by the National Statistics Bureau (NSB). The IHSN tools were quickly adapted to use in Bhutan and will be institutionalized by the NSB. A National Data Archive (NADA) is also planned for installation. Five surveys were documented during the workshop and a test NADA was also provided for the NSB. Follow up activities will include: a production workshop with a review of the survey documentation as well as support for the NADA dissemination tool.

Top (L to R): Cheda, Phub, Dorji, Kinlee, Greenwell (Trainer)
Rinchin, Shine (Trainer), Dawa, Sonam, Karma, Songay, Dorji, Dorji
Botton (L to R): Pede, Nisha, Dema, Dorji