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A population projection model for Mauritania - Technical report (PDF)

This report describes in detail the rationale, approach of micro-simulation applied to population projection. It provides all information needed to modelers interested in replicating or adapting the model developed in collaboration with the Mauritanian Center for Policy Analysis (CMAP) and Office of National Statistics (ONS). The model is named DYNAMIS-POP (for DYNAmic MIcro-Simulation - POpulation Projection). This report is related to version 1 of the model (DYNAMIS-POP-MRT-2017_v01). The source code of the model, the parameters tables, the Stata scripts and Excel files produced to generate the parameters tables and scenarios, are also made publicly available. The model is developed using MODGEN (MODel GENerator, a freeware by Statistics Canada).

Publication date: 
May 2017 (version v01)
File size: 
17 MB