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DYNAMIS-POP-MRT-2017_v01: Stata scripts

This zip file contains a collection of Stata (version 14) do files used to analyze data from the Mauritania Population Census 2013 and Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS) 2015. The log files resulting from running the do files on the source datasets are also provided. This analysis of the census and survey data was conducted to genrate a starting population and to derive parameters (core and relative risk tables) for the population projection model. The methods applied in these Stata scripts include simple tabulations, and various regression models (including proportional hazard regression models).

NOTE: The source datasets for these scripts are the property of the Office of National Statistics (ONS) of Mauritania. The scripts that require access to the Population Census data were run by ONS staff. Other scripts apply to the MICS 2015 survey dataset, which is (or will be) made publicly available on-line by UNICEF (visit

Publication date: 
May 2017
File size: 
90 K